Acton Academy Network Growing Fast!

Rachel David Katie at Acton Owner's Forum March 2018 Edited Cropped 1120 x 588 Pixels for Mailchimp.jpg

Acton cofounder David Kirby, elementary guide Katie Langford, and advisor Rachel Davison Humphries represented the Acton Academy of Washington, DC team earlier this month in Austin, Texas, for the annual Acton Owners’ Forum. They joined founders and guides from Acton Academies around the world—from Chicago to Sacramento to Guatemala City—to share best practices and exchange ideas.

The Acton Academy network now includes 70 schools. At the Owner’s Forum, Acton Academy Austin founders Jeff and Laura Sandefer announced that parent entrepreneurs will open an additional 80 Actons this coming year, for a total of 150 locations worldwide. “It’s amazing to be part of the growing community of Acton families who want something better for their children,” said David.