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Acton Academy of Washington, DC

Where Montessori Meets Silicon Valley


Acton Academy is a learner-driven school where Montessori meets Silicon Valley. Acton combines Montessori principles with Socratic discussions and real-world, entrepreneurial projects, such as the Acton Children’s Business Fair. In Acton elementary, children begin their journey to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and discover a calling.

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Learning to Learn

Montessori-style self-directed learning adapted to the 21st century that prizes curiosity, discovery, creativity, and joy in work, from core skills like reading and math to science and civilization.

Acton is the best decision we’ve ever made for our daughter.
— Amita Vyas, Acton Parent

Learning to Do

Real-world learning, or quests, that challenge Acton students to learn by doing in fields as diverse as history, chemistry, poetry, art, physics, electronics, and programming. Acton quests feel like a heroic adventure. And rather than simply taking tests, Acton students prove their learning through exhibitions.



Learning to Be

Developing character traits—such as hard work, integrity, persistence, and gratitude—that are important for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Our daughter started at Acton in early September and loves it. Every day after school she can’t stop talking about the adventures she’s had that day!
— Chad Thevenot & Sytera Field, Acton Parents

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The Acton Journey

Acton elementary is a community where each child is on a journey to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and discover a calling. Acton elementary students explore questions such as Who am I? Where am I going? How do my passions and talents connect with the world around me? How can I serve a great need and even change the world?

Every journey has twists and turns and requires hard work, even heroic effort, to overcome challenges along the way. Our mission is to help your child discover his or her own unique path.

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Place-Based Learning

At Acton we believe in learning by doing and using Washington, DC as a landscape for learning. This “place-based learning” invites children to explore questions such as Where am I? What is the nature of this place? What sustains this community?

With the Kennedy Center, Georgetown Waterfront, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Smithsonian, and the National Mall but a short walk away and surrounded by organizations and businesses working on local, national, and global issues, Acton students embark on their entrepreneurial journey to explore and connect with the world around them.