Acton Academy of Washington, DC

A Montessori preschool & learner-driven elementary school in Foggy Bottom where each child begins a journey to discover a calling and change the world.


What if we believed that children were more powerful than we ever imagined? What if children were on a journey to discover a calling? Not just to get into college, or find a job, or even start a career, but something deeper, more lasting: a calling—deeply rooted in individual gifts, passions, and skills—that would inspire them to work hard, overcome challenges, and even change the world.

Welcome to Acton Academy of Washington, DC.  



Learn to Be

Develop the habits of good character, such as hard work, integrity, courage, persistence & grit.

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Learn to Do

Discover your passions and talents through real-world projects and curriculum-integrated apprenticeships.


Learn to Learn

Be the agent of your own learning with 21st-century Montessori, which prizes curiosity, creativity, mastery & joy.

What Makes Acton Academy of Washington, DC Unique?

  • Focus on discovering a calling

  • Entrepreneurial journey & mindset

  • 21st century learning

  • Multi-age classes

  • Self-paced, mastery-based learning

  • Entrepreneurial projects

  • Real-world apprenticeships

  • Blended learning

  • Student driven

  • Deep respect for the child

  • Student self-governance

  • No homework

  • Guides rather than teachers

  • Socratic discussions rather than lectures

  • Portfolios rather than grades

  • Micro-school format