Acton Montessori

Acton Montessori is an authentic Montessori primary program for ages 3 to 6 in Foggy Bottom. Acton Montessori is an all-day program with flexible drop-off and pick-up times. Parents may drop their children off anytime between 8 and 8:45am and pick them up anytime between 3 and 6pm.

Acton Montessori Curriculum
Child-directed, mixed-age environment for ages 3-6

At Acton Montessori, we believe that children are innately curious and naturally driven to learn. Our role is to guide children on their journey to independence. Adults don’t teach directly but rather serve as guides and curators of an environment that allows children to teach themselves.


Our Montessori studio, or classroom, is prepared with beautiful materials that facilitate growth and independence while keeping up with the active bodies and brains of young children. With an age-appropriate balance of freedoms and limits, children pursue their interests, practice essential life skills, and engage in academic pursuits. The mix of ages facilitates peer-to-peer learning and leadership development as the older children serve as guides and models for the younger ones.

At as young as 3 years old, children are encouraged to follow their interests, ask questions, and discover what excites them. We are dedicated to guiding children along their own path of development in a nurturing and stimulating space made just for them.

Why All-Day Montessori?

We created the all-day primary program at Acton Montessori to offer families who need all-day care a consistent and comfortable, home-away-from-home environment. Many Montessori and other preschool programs offer all-day care by providing a before-school and after-school program for children. Transitioning in and out of before-school and after-school programs can be confusing and stressful for young children, particularly when these programs are in different environments with different children and different expectations.

In contrast, in the Acton Montessori all-day primary program, children spend the entire day in the same comfortable home-like environment with the same children, allowing them to build stable, trusting relationships in a family-like setting. The longer hours limit the number of disruptive transitions and, as a result, children are more at peace. The extra time also means that children can engage in challenging academic pursuits and enjoy a wider variety of experiences, from gardening and baking, to music and movement with plenty of time for rest and outdoor play.

All-Day Acton Montessori Hours
Children can arrive as early as 8am and stay as late as 6pm
Arrival: 8am - 8:45am
Pick Up: 3pm - 6pm


At Acton Montessori, the day begins with a morning work period. During this time, children work independently and receive individual and small-group lessons. A nutritious snack is available for children to have at any point during the morning. Following the morning work period, the children go outside to play. After outdoor play, the children come inside to prepare for lunch. They work together to set the tables. During lunch, children share quiet conversation as they eat. When the meal is complete, they clean up. Following lunch, children have the opportunity to nap or rest if they wish. The afternoons include another work period for the older children who don’t nap, followed by a second nutritious snack for all the children, and more time to play outdoors. In the afternoons there is also time for activities such as gardening, baking, music, movement, and more.

Five-Week Optional Summer Program

Our optional five-week summer program allows working families to avoid the disruption that summer can bring, such as having to combine multiple summer camps with nannies or babysitters to fill the gap in care.

Tuition Information

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Since she started at Acton Montessori, our daughter has been thriving beyond words. She is not only happy to go to school every morning, but excited for what the day will bring.... Her self confidence has grown stronger, she has significantly matured, and her vocabulary seems to have surpassed mine.... I highly recommend this school.
— Netta Squires